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The i-poems began  as a  technical application. They were made for the Apple i-phone applications and that is why the name i-poems. The i-poems became a literary endeavour in the creation of a new genre in poetry; a genre of very short poems. It is through the Indian Commentator that the i-poems took a shift in their implications as a literary genre. I crossed with i-poems in the literary magazine, The Narrative.
The i-poems appeared for the first time in this blog as a series titled "Eyes". The series of eleven poems received wide appreciation from my readers. Let me note my infinite gratitude for all my readers here. The series of eleven poems had a common theme: love. The concept of love was revealed through the common metaphor of 'eyes'. Each of the poems had the same title too. It was that common element that prompted me to name the whole series as "Eyes".
It is a wisdom that no one can write and communicate what love is. One can only write or talk ab…