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The Lost Pen

The boy was crying silently. He did not want anyone to sense that he was crying. But his father noticed him sitting in one corner of the house. When he realised that the boy was weeping, he asked why he was crying. The boy replied: "I lost my pen." 
Father smiled and patted his back: "No worries. I will get a brand new one."  "No, I do not want a new pen. I liked the old one very much. And I know that I am not going to get it back ever." 
"What happened to your pen?" "My teacher took it, for writing some emergency notes during the class time. She forgot to give it back." The boy said: "When I went to the staff room later and asked her my pen, she said, she forgot where she had put it after her use and she gave me a new pen. And... And I know that I will never see my old pen." 
"Well, son, I do not think your old pen was costly. It was an ordinary pen that I bought you, wasn't it? Let me see the pen that your teacher g…