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Between the Most Memorable Events and the Unforgettable Moments, which needs an assistance to survive the flow of time? I think Both. The Unforgettable Moments do not require any conscious effort to be remembered, and can survive in one of the most complicated lobs inside the brain. In fact, the way they hide themselves from the wear and tear of the earth-life, and their sudden leap into our complacent moments when we expect them the least, is what makes them special. 
The Most Memorable Events, although carry the superlative adjective with them, are obliged to some conscious efforts for their existence in the epic space of the past. We need to copy them—capturing them in motion pictures, as if putting a wild tiger in a cage. The motion pictures or videos are effective in capturing the special moments. But what about those faces intruding eternally into our Most Memorable Events; those people especially in a college video or in a video taken in some public gathering, who we least want…