Monday, March 1, 2010

Sachin's Day

I was in my bus ride back home, from the university, when Adarsh, one of my friends, interrupted my solitude of the routine journey with a message in my cell phone:"Sachin on fire 180* (131).

The Indian penchant for the game of cricket would be more apt if described as a passion rather anything else. It's a usual cliche--'If cricket is a religion and Sachin will be the god'.

25th February 2010 was marked as an unforgettable event in Indian cricket. Sachin scored a double century, in the one day match against South Africa, first ever in the history of world cricket.

The celebration and joy went to such an extreme that it took the face of a national celebration. The whole country was united on the blade of the invincible player. It can be considered a golden day for Indian Individualism, as well, when a single man, alone took the country with his skills.

The Indian Commentator congratulates Mr. Sachin Tendulkar for his outstanding performance.


sunny said...

ya it's right sachin is the god of cricket he is greate batsman,he can make 400 runs in tset match


rohini said...

hats off to Sachin....we should thank him for being wat he is..

Nalini Hebbar said...

way to go, Sachin!

Anulal said...

Hail Master blaster!!