Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Need for Change

Some say that everything changes, except change. They are wrong.

'Change' also changes in its approach, becoming, and familiarizing. By familiarizing, I mean, the sustenance of a change for a long period. Each of these attitudes will change.

To include 'change ' in a definition would not be recommendable, for the very moment the definition establishes itself as a system, complacent in itself, it needs for a change. And change is inevitable for the sustenance of life.
Change can be anything, and can happen anywhere. It only needs to give a de-familiarized experience to the usual stream of life. Sometimes, it just happens, and sometimes we are in need for it. Sometimes, a break of routine can be a change. Or an early rain, pre-seasonal, can be a change.

Change can occur anywhere, wherever life happens. The term life is not necessarily the biographical phenomena. Otherwise, the space can be said to have no change ever or my statement will be summed up as an error. As we all have heard, changes happen everywhere, even in space, for we attribute it with a life and carefully analyse its growth and changes.

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Recently, it is Barak Obama, who used the word 'change' and brought it again to its revolutionized usage.

My life, at present is going through such a change. I want you to read it ambiguously. That is, changes occurred in my life, and I am going through a vista of changes around me. In other words, there are changes around me and these changes around me that is, the changes in nature, are in full power to bring changes in my life.

Celebrating the end of summer, the rain has started. It is monsoon now onwards.
Being a writer, it is the most inspiring period for me.

Rain brings everything.
It brings chill,
it brings new life,
it brings darkness,
it brings light,
it brings spring,
it brings winter,
it brings summer,
it brings the hope,
of it coming down again,
and giving everything,
that mind once had longed for.
The smile it brings,
would be wet,
in the tears of the memoirs,
of those beloved, lost.
But its smile is pleasant that is, one in a thousand,
where it lulls the emotions of hearts,
unlike any other of the seasons.
In itself, it is a nourishment,
for the dried, cracked tenants.
But it decays, the summer's reminiscences.
In every drop, it is an amazement.

Thus the rain and its amazement brings something also to my mind-- the thought of making a change. The sub title of the Indian Commentator, which is "about anything everything and all" seems to me conveying the real character of my blog in words,far from economy. So I would like to introduce a new subtitle- "An Observer".

The reason that I selected this subtitle, is that it serves its purpose in the minimum number of words. And it justifies the purpose, which my blog functions for. From the social criticisms to the 'verses of love' -series, which I have begun just after the land mark celebration of "51st post celebrations", you can perceive a tireless observation of different aspects of life. Every write up is an observation, of life and its different aspects. Some poems might seem tawdry, as they are meant for, but they also have links and roots in the ever nourishing soil of life. The least is unjustified thus in adopting, this subtitle, I suppose.

Every change is followed by the best of the opportunities. So readers can expect more opportunities of good reading in "THE INDIAN COMMENTATOR" as I have allotted more and regular time each day for writing, after a constriction for time, in the last couple of weeks.


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