Monday, May 11, 2009


I asked my mother once,

"Why do we celebrate festivals, Amma? Are celebrations not just a waste of time and money?" Amma smiled and said-"No, son. Celebrations are necessary, as necessary as relationships. For if the relationships to survive, they need, get-together and reminders to pass this feeling to each other that you are near, to them, as near as to any extent they want. Celebrations do just the same thing. They fill the deprived minds with invaluable love and satisfaction". She stopped.

I was trying to understand her properly. I wanted to ask her for more clarification on the topic. But then I found that no doubt existed in my mind. I saw my cousins running through the courtyard. It was the day of 'Vishu'; the Malayalam new year, according to the Malayalam Calendar, which comes in the month of April on 14, according to the English Calendar.

I also ran with my cousins, to play cricket, in the nearby playground. I didn't feel anything wasted. Instead, I felt I was gaining. Love, nearness, satisfaction.

There is no specific time or place for celebrations. No, I am wrong. It is in the human mind where every celebration should hold its foot to enchant the surroundings outside.

Celebrations won't find occasions, but we find occasions to celebrate. The only criteria for a celebration to occur is to find a reason.

Now I would tell you the reason, for you are in a celebration. In a wonderful celebration. Yes you have already become part of that celebration. A celebration where the celebration itself is the reason for it.

The reason for the celebration is -this is the fifty first post that I am making in my Blog.

What I write is part of my individuality, part of my culture, part of my tradition, and part of my soul. As a reader, you interact with that part of my being and thus became part of my life. Thus, we are related. It is this relationship that I am celebrating as the 51 st post celebrations in "The Indian Commentator". Thank you for being with me, and for all the supports that you have been bestowing upon me.


Yours lovingly,


The Indian Commentator.

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