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The White Tiger-A Review.

After finishing this novel we would think, where on the hell is this place? This place called India!

Balram Halwai, the protagonist of the novel, tells his lies, in the most truthful way. That lie, which assisted him to ascend from an ordinary car driver’s life to the life of an entrepreneur’s who lives and rules in Bangalore. He discloses the truths from the dark side of his life. In other words, he puts light on his dark ‘brown’ life. But the image evolves in that light of truth is, of an India’s. India seems to be standing nude. Without her attires of inheritance, traditional values, moral conducts, secularism and democratic pomp. Balram is seen “dipping his beak into” that India’s unchaste hole.

The epistolary novel in some occasions mocks the Indian secularism and in some, it mocks the casteism. On the whole it presence a bitter experience! Reason is simple. Balram Halwai is truth and truth is bitter, and he is the speaker.

The peculiarity of the novel is, the negative side of the p…