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I would like to bring to your focus two different yet connected issues today.
I came across a newspaper report that instilled memories that were seemingly dead beneath the ashes of time.
It was an April evening. April was summer in Kerala. The late April campus was especially oriented towards the end semester exams and of course, a steaming series of work for a teacher.
It was about five years back. I worked as a Guest Faculty at a reputed institution, back then.
I was coming back home after an especially tiring day at college. The usual bus I took had left from the bus stand at Thalassery at the usual time. I was a bit late that day to reach the bus stand. So I missed that bus.
The reason for that was to be immortalized in my later writing life.
I went to a book fair at Thalassery old bus stand. Books have always been my craze. I bought Edgar Alan Poe’s collection of short stories with a yellowish cover and the title “Penguin Classics” on top of the front cover.
Then I went to the bus…