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Writing mentality is a state of mind as well as a state of being.

State of mind can be reached by taking the route to reach the state of being.
Physically and psychologically, one writes. Both physical and psychological energies wane on long hours of work.
Sometimes, writing is easy. Writing is hard on other times. One must understand when it goes through rough days. The smooth days must also be learnt. This will be helpful in the future. This means, you are going to do the same process in the future, no matter what. This is what makes a writer.
The tendency to repeat the processes of writing to say the unsaid marks the genesis of a writer.
Repetition is part of the process. Saying is part of the process too.
Outward expressions of inner realities depend on the writer’s act. The act of penning words does not alone contribute to writing. Writing involves love. Writing involves passion too.
Passion is not just the love for new events. Repetitions must be loved with equal passion. This is …