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DELHI ELECTIONS, 2015: Desi Magna Carta

I am about to do something I haven’t done in years; a political commentary.

It is true that I started out my blog with an observe-and-comment strategy with political affairs. The reason behind that move wasn’t as much of social commitment as it was the urge to keep on writing. When I chose the defining strategy of my blog, The Indian Commentator as ‘observe and comment’, I had in my mind a firm idea that I will never lack topics to write about. Later in my career as a blogger, I realized that things weren’t as I expected them to be.
I never found the stream of ideas empty regarding the publication of The Indian Commentator. However, I did find it difficult to use my observe-and-comment strategy frequently. This strategy forced me, occasionally to reveal the political ideology I am inclined to. In truth, I am not inclined toward any political idea or ideology. I do not have participation in any political party, until this moment. In future too, I wish myself to be kept away from the cu…