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PROBLEMS OF UNMARRIED LIFE: Isn't Singleness Made In Heaven too?

The subject of marriage is always favored by my students. Whichever background or class they come from, their preferences never falter on the altar of this magnanimous attraction. My graduate students, existing in the so-called young-adulthood, have, in fact, no other choice in this matter. Their hormones and heartbeats drive them in the direction of a talk or an image displayed on the matter of woman’s union with man.
Perhaps, the word marriage in theology indicates a broader union of any two entities or objects, as in the combination of hydrogen and oxygen atoms to form water. Separated from that cosmic essence, marriage stands for a social institution, popularized and ‘practicalized’ by every civilized society on the earth. Although marriage differs in its various processes or rituals, its significance has an almost omniscient value among all cultures.
What concerns me, a bachelor, is the misuse of the word marriage and its misidentified implication in the society. When it comes to…