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The Geometry of Loneliness

Confessions of a lonely traveler, who started off for his dreamland 

“Love, hear thou / How desolate the heart is, ever calling” —James Joyce The traveler is primarily a dreamer. His dreams showed him that there was a destiny awaiting him that required his presence to achieve its fulfillment.
He trusted the dream and its call. That enabled him to revolt against his parochial family, his own homesickness, and lethargy. The dream supplied the impetus to move on.
The journey had begun.
The road was a picture of hope and the sun shining eternally above was a priceless gem. The traveler walked on.
The wind was a torrent of life. He sucked on it each time the gush of the invisible felt on his face. The traveler walked on.
All his memories were signposts reminding him where to return home. The heart of the traveler, though, felt the pull of a two tongued bate. He was missing something, someone.
Love—his heart was pulling at his beloved.
The traveler had left her in his quest for the Destiny. Bu…