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The Hard Bounce

We live in a world that instigates relentlessly the marvel of change in each of the moments we survive. There is a way in which we all read even the concept of change itself, so similar to other things that merely undergo the overwhelming impact of change.

Most changes occur as a reaction to the ever poignant concern for survival. And some other changes are an expression of the self.
This story will tell you the rest. Any insinuations about the meaning the story suggests are welcome.
Once a young boy was walking back home from his new school. His father was a government employee and so his family had to change places according to the transfers the man received in his service.
There was an old building the boy had to cross to reach the turn in the road to his house. Usually the area was deserted with not a single sign of human beings present nearby.
The boy heard foot-steps that day. He looked back.
There was no one. He walked but stumbled upon something and fell. It was a rope, stretch…