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The Freelancer

Being a freelancer is being a free man. It’s a state of being where one is no more pressurized under the sulking comments of the boss. Instead, in the freelance world you own your talent, your life, and your self respect. As a freelancer you can sell your works or services to one or several different organizations. Freelancing can be of diverse classes. Some offer photographs, some paintings, some art works, and some others their writing skills. And with this categorization being identified, let me confess, Bountiful Word belong to the last category. We offer freelance writing.
Sir Walter Scott in his work Ivanhoe, the novel that told the story of a Saxon young man, who fell out of grace with his father due to his affiliations with the Norman king, mentioned the word freelance for the first time. Then it was a hyphenated word, “free-lance”. In the novel the word indicated, the lance who declared himself aloof from any lord’s service.
The word traversed its path in the sea of time and r…