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Out of all the malignity on the earth, a creature was born. It lacked everything that is human, except rationality. And in every aspect of existence it was anti-human. It was called: Macabre.

On day it abducted Archangel Michael. Although, Michael could resist its powers successfully and destroy it easily, he succumbed, so that he can test it, as done by those who are wise. Macabre wanted to get a blessing: the power to consume the whole of humanity.
“I can’t give you a blessing that could result in destruction,” the Archangel said. Macabre knew what Michael said was unchangeable. He was aware of the powers of the Archangel, who could perhaps destroy Macabre with a single swirl of his sword. And he also knew that Michael was testing him. 
“Then give me a curse which though holds the power to destroy me, could satiate my desires.” Said Macabre, instantly without giving in, and what he meant was eating up the whole of humanity.
He came down to the earth to eat all the humans alive. But he…