Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The New Series of My I-Poems


The journey towards my dream is painful,
But I am happy,
For the pain is the sign of me, being alive. 

I present to you “Dreams”: The New Series of My ‘I-Poems’.

Somebody reminded me of my ‘i-poems’ today. And it was then I realized how I missed them too. So in the first month of this year, I have decided to start a new series of i-poems.

Whoever you are, whatever your aesthetic temperaments are, we surely have one thing in common—Dreams. We all have dreams even though, each of us signify them in our own terms. For some of us dreams may be the only reason to remain alive. But for some others dreams are the extraordinary moments that help them to skip through the hell fire of daily worries and the tortures faced in the struggle for existence, smoothly. 

It seems to me a better way, to disclose one’s dreams rather than to define what dreams are, to understand someone’s idea about dreams. But if you ask me what my dreams are, I would say I do not have any. Because I believe that if we disclose our dearest dreams to others, they will never be fulfilled. One can only reveal them when they are materialized; fulfilled. 

The concept of Dream holds endless fascination for me as a writer. So through this new series of i-poems, I try to understand the mystery of what dreams are, and share it with my readers.

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