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A Pupa and Its Journey

The only campus Jay knew was the Government Polytechnic College, where he pondered for three years about his future as a writer, after his higher secondary science group disaster.

His parents wanted him to be a physician. Therefore, he was forced to join the science group. Later, when he passed in almost all the science subjects in narrow margins  they wanted him to choose a path for a job. So he was thrown into the courtyards of technical education. As he joined the diploma for electronics engineering, his hopes were sky high but his dreams were shattered.

Though he always liked the art, the art of poetry, the art of story telling, the art of writing; it dried in the rotten dry atmosphere of that technical institution.

Every thing there was hopelessly theoretic and disturbingly practical, thought he.

There happened an incident. He encountered a girl. He would say- “the most beautiful girl I ever met”. The basic instinct gave a jump and the writer inside his soul evoked.

He wanted to talk …