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Rahman's Connections

Congrats AR!! for THE GOLDEN GLOBE...

A.R. Rahman’s charismatic music is once again rocking the music lovers, in India and all over the world. Just after the huge success of the Hindi film Gajini’s music, he has returned with a new music album with nine tracks, titled “Connections”.

The song “jiya se jiya” is creating waves in all music channels. This song would be available in some new models of Nokia phone also. The picturization of the song is exceedingly beautiful, similar to the mesmerizing music.

Beware of your feet! They may start rocking without your permission, on Sivamani’s drumbeats! It is no doubt a dancing track, and inspiring as well, like some romantic melodies.

The video has a placard shown in it, which reads: “Free Hugs”. People are seen showing these placards and giving hugs to each other. This, I think, gives a very important social message—spread love and compassion everywhere.

In the video, you can see people offering hugs to each other, irrespective of the gender di…