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Vendetta Celebrations!

On this New Year eve, my hours were full of dilemma of what to write for my readers as a New Year gift. My senses were set loose. But they couldn’t trap any expressible idea.

The seven O’clock news in a Malayalam TV channel, at once blotted off my-what-to-do-mentality. The news was about the new occurrences of killings in Kannur and Thalassery. Political murders!

Politics has given Kannur its part, in the New Year colours, the colour of blood! A political riot was broken out and high alert had been proclaimed in many areas.

As per my family’s advice, I remained at home. At about ten O’clock I gave a short visit to the nearby town. The television had filled in me, a vibrant and colourful expectation about the New Year celebrations. My eyes were accustomed to the colourfulness, after long hours of watching the New Year programmes on TV. But my eyes were dejected by the scenes I saw on the streets and town. There were not much people on the streets, and the shops are mostly closed.

If the Ma…