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"Champions keep playing until they get it right.” - Billie Jean King In repetition lies the reality of success. Repetition without total commitment and passion is, however, a waste of time.
Often, in classrooms, I give repetitive writing exercises to my students. Most of them would certainly show a tired face or boo my instruction right away. I always take it as a good occasion to tell them the significance of repeating words and sentences on paper.
I unveiled the same measure in an English Literature classroom about six months ago. I saw the tired faces. I saw the silent frustration and the booing from the backbench.
“All great writers did this exercise. This is the rhythm of creation. Write, repeat… write, repeat.” I sing sang my words into that chaos of conflicting interests in front of me. 
“Didn’t you get the reason why I want you people to do this?” I asked.
“No,” they said. “Why do we care?”
I looked into their faces. Innocent, yet affirmative. I thought, why on earth did I…