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UFO-BIRD-FLU-COINCIDENCE: Shocking Revelations from Kerala

On 30 October 2014, during a rainy day, just after sunset, the people of Kochi were said to witness an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) in the sky: Author Anu Lal analyses. Drawing a circle of fifty-kilometer diameter with Alapuzha at its centre could cover both Kochi and Pathanamthitta well within its boundaries. With evidence of bird flu of H5N1 type in this region within weeks of the UFO’s appearance, the connection can be more than just a co-incidence. Whether what had happened could be explained away, using rational explanations or scientific theories or not, is not the important question here. Is there, actually, a connection between the UFO and the H5N1? The authorities should establish the connection if there is one. And they must, also prove it scientifically or by any other means possible, if there isn’t any.
To this day, however, the government gave no explanations, and no media have taken a serious look at the possible “UFO-bird-flu-coincidence” either. What makes me think…