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Arrangedmarriages work on the principle that every man or woman should be the family’s responsibility, especially when it comes to marriage. You might fall in love with this concept at first sight, if you are from a European or American background. Parents would always stand by for their children and their newly formed family. When the grand children are born, their grandparents babysit them. This is a real cost cutter too, and you might want to try.
In the pre-50s era, families were established in the joint tradition, where members from one family lived in one house, with their children, their partners, and their partners’ partners. The downside of this “joint family” system is that the individual never got his voice heard. The elder in the family is always the decision maker, the dictator. If you fall in love with another person and if your family, especially the eldest member did not approve of your relationship, you would be ousted from the family. Caste, religion, social backgrou…