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After long waiting, my third book is released,Prabuddha: The Clear-sighted. I have attempted something alongside the Jathaka tales and Panchatantra stories, and tried to bring in the flavor of contemporary Indian English fiction in Prabuddha. Now, it is up to the reader to consider their experiences of reading Prabuddha and comment on the worth of this book.
Prabuddha: The Clear-sighted is planned as an Indian edition. However, as per the request of a reader of mine, I would like to go for a kindle edition as well. The Kindle edition will be available internationally. The paperback copy of Prabuddha can be purchased on this website. For those who had already spotted the small thumbnail on to your right-hand side top of the blog, I would to hit the image and get a copy from the bookstore.
I hope you are familiar with the technique of following a virtual link to its home. Many ask me lately, how can they get my book. I tell them, visit Amazon or Flipkart or Barnes and Noble. They look a…