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Songs of the Soul-VII

A tear drop spawned in the eyes, Like a sense stirred by a metaphor; The end of words, birth of meaning, Washing the sins of sounds, With the silent poignancy of joy, When you came close To write a song on my soul.
There is a bridge that we all hope to find between every ‘you and me’ in this world. There would be words that pave the bridge. There are moments however, when each word we utter is not enough to power or to support that bridge. Then we retreat into the island of solitude and hope for a sign, either from within us or from outside, from the other side of the bridge.
In this latest series of i-poems, I wanted to talk about those signs that appear from within us, meaning and delivering a promise that the bridge between us will stand forever. These signs are the wordless sighs and soothing tears of joy.  
Dear reader, I hope you enjoyed this “silent poignancy of joy” titled “Songs of the Soul”.
A song never ends. It merely initiates the caesura. It repeats itself in the time to come …