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Ocean’s Dream

Once, a ship named Ocean’s Dream was making its return voyage. Its crew was seeing land after a long time. But they all felt a little disappointed as the ship made little progress forward. The wind was getting weaker. Its sails shrunk as the wind that puffed it died away. It was impossible for the ship to make it to the shore with such a weak flow of wind. The sailors knew that if they reduced the weight of the ship, it could sail easily to the shore.
They approached the captain and asked if they can lighten the load of the ballast.
The captain agreed. And they started throwing out the weight that steadied the ship on the surface of the sea. But just as they did it the breeze took up power. There was no ballast to steady Ocean’s Dream any more. And it sunk into the sea.
Moral: Don’t unload things where you have no chance to take them back.
I never tried a children’s story in The Indian Commentator. This is the first time. It is a molecular story too. I don’t know if there are any kids w…