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"Dreams": The New Series of I-Poems

"Life teaches us everything. But to dream is a quality that we all bring with us from the Unknown."--Anu 7 How fortunate my present is, With dreams to bridge- My yesterdays and tomorrows.
“Dreams”, my new series of I-Poems, winds up here. Hope you enjoyed. There is always a question in the back of my mind. As a writer it concerns itself with the reason for my being.

Why do I write?

Some say in their comments for my poems and stories, that my works are deep, and they invoke deep thoughts, etc. It is through them that I learned the answer to the crucial question. I write for all those who in some turn in their lives need a depth to search themselves out or a thought to make them live a moment of fulfillment. My life will become blessed, if I reach any where near of being what I dream to be.
Every time when I touch my pen on the paper or hover over the key board, I plead the Higher One to make me able to communicate with someone, to make sense, to share my soul and thus to stop myself…