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The Artist's Destiny.

The moment in which a writer searches for a story or a theme to drive forward his creative impulses and to fulfill the destiny of an artist must be great. I too was in such a moment; sitting alone in the office of the language training institute I temporarily worked for. Writing nourished my soul and gave me the sense of fulfilling the Artist's Destiny.

The moment was crucial, for I was in an attempt to bring together my soul and body within the unique harmony of art. I was using the time of my job for writing. For what mattered most was the Artist's Destiny, and during those hours in the afternoon, there were no classes, either. I was asked to stay in the office until five in the evening to handle the enquiries if someone showed up.

The Artist's Destiny is the inexplicable urge one feels to work in order to meet an unknown, inexplicable demand. This demand comes from nowhere and can never be met. But it exists with all it mysteriousness and absurdity in an artist's l…