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When It Rings..

We rent our ears to some one near to us, and that too irrespective of gender, class, religious, political, social, and subjective differences. I am talking about mobile phones. Human beings are said to be social creatures. It is this natural instinct to form societies and to stay connected with every one, that lead them to be the subservient of information technology. Man created them to be their slave. Mobile phones are exquisite designs from the field of information technology. The numerous advantages that this creation of technology provides, is another reason for the obsession toward them.

Even though there are physiological problems identified which are related to the frequent use of mobile phone, the obsession of the world to this piece of technology seems never to end.

It intervenes not only the physiological complacency but psychological too. This psychological aspect of the results of mobile phone excess-usage is generally undermined. It is possible that our calm evenings may b…