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"This is how your favorite love story looks like, from this moment onwards."

My dear readers, and friends, I would like to give you this great news!!! The cover for my new book is released!   
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Remember the first time your mom/dad/brother/sister/some relative read you the bed time story? Sometimes you listen until the end, sometimes you sleep in the middle, but there was always an ease with them; if you wanted you could have waited and listened to how they ended. They were short, but were infinitely charming. Short stories do have their magic. Aren't we too much into novels lately? Have we lost our sensibility towards the short narratives? 

Shouldn't we preserve the legacy of our storytelling tradition?


What is it that one must not let go of, even in the middle of the worst kind of adversity? This is something our cultures taught us and religions strengthened in us. But unlike all things cultural and religious, this one thing has been immensely useful for mankind. Hope.

"Hope, Vengeance and History Trilogy" has its first book about Hope. 

"Wall of Colours and other stories".

In Paperback and Kindle

Much Love,

Anu Lal

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