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Why Are Schools Less Important Than a Sunday Afternoon?

One of the most widely attended social movements take place in the month of June, every year, in Kerala, the south Indian state. The participants of this social movement are usually children. This social movement is called Opening of Schools.
Summer vacation would end by the first week of June, normally. This year it ends on 31 May. This leads to the opening of schools on 1 June itself. June is also the month of a captivating season in India, the southwestern Monsoon.
This is a booming business seasons as well. Schools open, and along with then, open a market of needs. New school bags, umbrellas, notebooks, etc. Today, as I sit down and contemplate this new season of schooling, a character engraved in my mind becomes more vivid. Jean Louise is a girl of twelve who appears in Harper Lee's debut novel To Kill A Mockingbird. An arresting vision of school life is portrayed in this literary classic. I doubt, though, the way the school is portrayed is rather to suggest its diminishing i…