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VERONIKA DECIDES TO DIE: Why Is Madness More Important Than Normality

A woman named Veronika decides to end her life. She carries out her decision. Veronika didn’t die. Her life changes forever.
Paulo Coelho’s inspiration has provided the world several mind-opening and uniquely appealing books, like The Alchemist and The Fifth Mountain. [I only included the names of two that touched my life; there are many more that readers like me might have felt close to their heart].
Someone saved Veronika and took her to a psychiatric institution named Villete. At the institution, Veronika realizes the difference between madness and normality. In Villete, many men and women get treatment for their psychological problems. The institution itself stands as a sign of the unquestionable status of normality. Normal is acceptable. Any aberration from normality is pitted against the harsh criteria of judgment that pronounces people mad.
Mari, an inmate realizes at the end that “life inside is exactly the same as life outside.” Another character, Eduard finds his madness and…