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Vishu is an important cultural festivity in Kerala, the southern state that stands for coconut trees and the Indian version of “melting pot”. Yes, indeed, if you are looking for the right kind of cultural amalgam in India, we are the right sort of people to dig into. Eat us with some salad, and you can certainly learn a lot more about how much flexible the otherwise rigid and edgy customs and traditions that mark Indian tradition could get. In Kerala, you can get KFC to Shavarma, from beef to pork. All sorts of religions can be found here, and all sorts of customs, including “everything”.
Although there are slight variations in the way people respond to religious incidents and issues of conversion, relatively peaceful Kerala is a contributor to the modern Indian image of a highly educated and free democracy. Vishu has its impact beyond the unbreakable walls of religion and caste system. Crackers, fireworks, and non-vegetarian meals add to the total package of Vishu. While the widely a…