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24 February 2015
Hello everyone! If you are a regular visitor to my blog, The Indian Commentator, I would like to address an issue more in tune with what you might be feeling right now. At last, we have a blog post live, you might be thinking. 
There have been a series of events, good and bad, confusing and confiding that altered the path of my life as a regular blogger into a fortnightly blogger, and that again into a monthly blogger. Although I eagerly wish to avoid this gap that has been occurring in my blogging schedule, the firm decisions made by the Cosmos are taking me into territories traversed never before. I am talking about those same events that mattered more than blogging.
Perhaps, you might read an article online talking about pitfalls in blogging, and find “not attending one's blog for a considerably long period of time” as one of the reasons for low number of pageviews. Needless to say, the same is my situation too. Not attending your blog on a daily or regular basi…