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Don’t remain Clark Kent always. Be Superman… if you can.

Our intended purpose on planet earth is to become what we can. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer refers to this idea directly in his book, I Can See Clearly Now. “I was living what Maslow described as being a person who must be what he can be,” says Dr. Wayne Dyer in chapter 40 of the book. The stress in “can” isn’t mere an attempt to address our abilities. It is also an attempt to address living from a ‘no-limit’ perspective.
It is possible to live from the fullest extent of possibilities that we are given by nature of our being. We are endowed with limitless imagination, the power to conceive without involving our physicality, the ability to transcend every limit we encounter due to the earthliness that is with us throughout our life on the earth, and the capacity to love unconditionally. The moment we are ready to use at least one or all the gifts given above, we can create infinite results with endless joy and satisfaction.
Why should we be …