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THE GREATEST MAN WHO EVER LIVED: Utilizing Wisdom from the Greatest Teacher

The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived is a systematic guide to using the wisdom of one of the world’s greatest teachers, Jesus of Nazareth. One third of the book is dedicated to what one can learn from the examples and instances Jesus set for his disciples to follow, including his irrefutable communication skills. A few chapters towards the end of the book discuss in detail on who Jesus really is. In my opinion, this part makes the long and sometimes tedious journey of reading this book worthwhile. It seems the editors didn’t see the significance of this last part and put it at the end. In my view, had this been in the starting of the book, The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived would have been a remarkable book about having faith in the possibilities of following the way showed by Jesus. It is faith that can ultimately guide knowledge, although knowledge and faith and complementary. (No pun intended)
The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived is written by a big American businessman named Steven K. Scott, w…