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#Celebrateblogging: THE LESSONS THAT CAME BY

“I had made my inner vow to teach self rather than group reliance.” –Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, I Can See Clearly Now
One early September evening I received a call from Blogadda is an Indian organization who successfully monetized blogging by providing a network for individual bloggers in order to share their blog posts. Blogadda also provides opportunity for bloggers to receive free books from new and successful Indian authors for book reviews. I have been associating with Blogadda for a long period now through book reviews. Over the years, they have advanced into other product reviews and blog contests, offering bloggers a chance to try at what they love doing and win prizes.
When the correspondent from Blogadda rang me up, I wasn’t in a situation to respond. It was a busy, early September evening with lots of grocery shopping on my mind. Somehow, the call seemed important.
I took it.
I was attentive to the person on the other side. My initial reaction to the realization that t…