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The Best Book-title

+Title Tyranny What makes one wonder about age? 
When things start getting slower? All sorts of things, I mean. This is what I have been thinking all the while that I was unable to make a post on my blog. No, no serious glitch. Only I was able to work more frequently on books. It’s easy guess, as you could see me working fragments of sentences so shamelessly. 
Working with books crippled my usual abundant streaming of time that was veritably dedicated to blogging. Since blog posts were lacking in their frequency, I thought I had aged as a blogger. However, as you are already aware, my youthfulness has been rejuvenated as an author with my second book You Should Know How I Feel… and the consecutive volume of Hope, Vengeance and History Trilogy that is on its way to publication this coming July-August. As a result, perhaps, I may have had to stay away for some time from blogging.
Now the reason why made this post: some idea was burning in the back of my mind and eating all my attention vora…