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The One Exception to Secret Agenda

I have a secret agenda for 2014. Revealing the agenda is not my agenda here, now. However, I am making an exception to this one idea. You are about to read it. After a pause of about three to four months of daily blog posts in The Indian Commentator, the thought rooted in my mind that I would definitely try to make my blog, once again, a 'daily' publishing space. This was not due to any pressure from readers to ‘either write or quit’. My readers have graced me with their presence all through these months, by being present in the same numbers as they did during the previous months of daily updates. So the concern over the number of readers going down the hill is out of the bucket. I am talking about moving forward with a new vigor. Doing something new, and as one of my fellow bloggers wrote, challenging myself in pushing my limits.
Again, this does not mean I was not challenged enough all through these four months. I pushed my limits farther than I had expected and conceived mys…