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Seize the Night

Meeting Christopher Snow was like meeting an old pal in the middle of Nowhere Street, in Somewhere City. He was strange and kind, benevolent and radiant, honest and robust, except that he had a rare genetic disorder. Hooligans in his neighborhood called him names that included ‘vampire’. It was not without a reason. His genetic disorder, Xeroderma Pigmentosum, would not permit him to come out in sunlight. If he disobeyed this dictum of nature, he would suffer dire consequences regarding his health.
XP is a real disorder, but Christopher Snow is an imaginary character, according to the author. However, when I read the second book in the Moonlight Bay trilogy, Chris Snow seemed someone who was in real and close to me. It was as if he communicated with me. He was a fantastic person to be with. He is witty in talk and wise in thoughts.
Titled Seize the Night, the second book in Dean Koontz’s Moonlight Bay trilogy is the first book I read in the trilogy. The first book is titled Fear Nothi…