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How Important are Fallacies?

For you and me, the ordinary human being, the word “fallacy” sounds only an academic gimmick. We do not find any significance to them in our personal lives. Still, we often wonder, why we are bombarded with fallacies and arguments in our critical thinking course, for first semester graduation. What practical use do fallacies entail?
According to Merriam-Webster, Fallacy means, “deceptive appearance”. In most of my classes, I tell students, learning about ‘fallacies’ enable us to see if we are misled or given false advice. Considering the students’ lower vocabulary levels, I often have to cut my explanation down to words that cannot carry deeper nuances. I am not saying some words are better than others are. The risk in teaching a class with lesser vocabulary than what is expected from a ‘normal’ Under Graduate class is, even the surface meanings are often missed.
Next is translating this idea into the student’s mother tongue. This is a formidable way of getting into the students’ head…