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Tue-ti-ti….tue-ti-ti—The Boy and the Maths Teacher

In 1995, at an Upper Primary School, in a countryside in Kannur district, Kerala, South India, a young boy felt the dire need to know what mutiny was. They had History as a subject, but as the tradition of that school was, the teachers for some subjects would always be in ‘coming soon’ mode, as some of those Bollywood movie posters read. The History teacher was on leave forever, and a substitute teacher, who generally taught mathematics, was called for.
The mathematics teacher always told them to remember dates, and the boy wondered what if one day, someone changed some dates. The history and the present would be shaken, and there will be a chaos.
It was in one of her classes on Indian History and Freedom Struggle she mentioned the word, mutiny. He munched on the word for some time. The sound of it was especially intriguing. “Tue-ti-ti”. He hummed in an alternate sound track. “Tue-ti-ti….tue-ti-ti.”
“An open rebellion against an authority,” the math-turned-history-teacher explained the…