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Seven uses for an Airport in Kerala

The ‘Kerala Model of Development’ was a very famous example of development in India, but this was before Narendra Modi hired his public relations company. The contemporary model is the ‘Gujarat Model’. At present, the old Kerala model, contests hopelessly with this new model—one hypocrisy in its endless duel with another.
In Kerala, recently a new airport plan is commissioned. It means, the people in power decided to build an airport. The land acquisition is in contestable grounds, because the chosen the place is rich with diverse flora and fauna, as usual. Who knows if it is not purposeful that each time a development project pops us, it is dumped in some delicate landscape just to ravish the nature, so that some multi-national billionaire can build swimming pools there?
Thus, the context of assessment of the important uses of the airport has been triangulated.
Plainly, due to the above mentioned reasons, we must look into the main uses of an airport in Kerala. And we have a just…