The One Exception to Secret Agenda

I have a secret agenda for 2014. Revealing the agenda is not my agenda here, now. However, I am making an exception to this one idea. You are about to read it.
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After a pause of about three to four months of daily blog posts in The Indian Commentator, the thought rooted in my mind that I would definitely try to make my blog, once again, a 'daily' publishing space. This was not due to any pressure from readers to ‘either write or quit’. My readers have graced me with their presence all through these months, by being present in the same numbers as they did during the previous months of daily updates. So the concern over the number of readers going down the hill is out of the bucket. I am talking about moving forward with a new vigor. Doing something new, and as one of my fellow bloggers wrote, challenging myself in pushing my limits.

Again, this does not mean I was not challenged enough all through these four months. I pushed my limits farther than I had expected and conceived myself of having any ability for. Hell, I was even trying to forget about my second book. Fortunately, that thought did not materialize and after the long pause, I could finally resume my work on “The Next Big Idea”, my latest nonfiction book.

Daily blogging would surely put some pressure on my working hours, but it will on the other hand, make me feel more alive. This is the crucial reason that prompted me to undertake daily blogging in the New Year.

The gift of life is not just the ability to breath, smile, eat, reproduce, and die. Life attains meaning with the feeling of being alive. This feeling defines the quality of one’s life. Unknown to this thought, we often see people, full of material wealth, but still suffering greatly in their mental life. As human beings, we have a very rich psychological life. Therefore, to feel alive is as crucial as breathing, since ‘feelings’ are the heartbeats of the mind.

As 2013 is passing us by, I have revealed in front you, a part of my secret agenda—feeling alive. (I do not regret making this one exception about my New Year agenda. The rest I would like to keep secret.) What you do in order to feel alive also matters, very much.

Relinquishing the masochistic pleasure of binding oneself with past hurts and sorrows and relieving oneself of the burden of past mistakes, is the best way one can feel alive.

Achieving this feeling is possible through applying remedies to our minds. What better medicine is there for the mind other than a prayer? Here is a prayer for you.

Dear God, please help me forget,
The pain of yesterday’s suffering,
Remind me the lessons I learnt from it.
Help me forget the wound,
But remind me who wounded me and how,
So that I could, in the coming years,
Keep myself away from those people,
And their ways.
God help me be who I am.

May God bless you, my dear friends. Let us wish good-bye to 2013 and welcome 2014, with hopes and prayers.

I went for a prayer in the evening and prayed and lighted four candles; one for myself, as a sign of thanksgiving to God for all the blessings He showered upon me (including Wall of Colours), one for you, and one for the my works. Let us not forget these moments full of light. The memory of these moments would surely lead us through any type of darkness that plans to defeat us.

Thank you all for supporting The Indian Commentator, through 2013. I also thank the readers of Wall of Colours and Other Stories, who are a constant inspiration to me in fulfilling my destiny. 

Happy New Year everyone!


Anonymous said…
wowwwwww inspired..

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