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One Love

Once, a Hindu saint was traveling to the southernmost part of India. He was not alone. Samant, a student of his, accompanied him. Samant was not from a high family like the other disciples of the saint.

Unlike his usual practices the saint had started off for his journey alone. He wanted to see India, from north to south and east to west. On his way to the land of Pandya Kings, he met a poor young farmer and asked for some water. The young farmer not only gave him water but also provided him with shelter and the best clothes he had in his house. His name was Samant. Though Samant was a Christian, the saint thought great of him. Just imagine who would give so much of service to a stranger, even if that stranger is God himself. And from that moment the saint took Samant as his Student.
Infuriated by the saints decision, some local Hindus along with the priest of the nearby church protested, by saying: “This youth is from another religion and you are a Hindu. How could you take him with y…