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"I wanted to ask something to life, but life said: you already know what the answers for your questions are: Love, Love, Love. Then I thought my question would be insufficient, inept. And I kept silence."--Anu

Love denies what is to be spoken. And still there is an undeniable urge to talk about it. But to use words in love is to desecrate it. It exists in the space between abundance and absence, waiting to be explored and taken in. However, it imprisons you in a space where language of any sort is an unwanted vanity, and understanding any thing including love or the loved ones, doesn’t possess justified existence. In love, that means, nothing is to be understood—neither the partners nor love itself. And there arises the paradox of knowing and still living na├»ve. Love shows itself to you, but still you are far apart from knowing its true abundance. You live in an awareness of not knowing what you do not have, unable to understand that you possess every thing on earth, when you…