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The Schooner

The schooner moves forward.
It knows what moving forward means.
It is the way; the only way it has,
To show its gratitude to the wind,
To the omen of the seagull,
To the waves that parted for its keel,
To the soul of the sea, that-
Blessed it with signs,
By reflecting upon it its own presence,
By making it, feel its very own existence,
Just like my pen pushing forward,
In your gratitude, my Tia,

This poem is a gift to Blooming Ideas, for rewarding me with the Versatile Blogger Award.
Did I miss the moment? Did I delay this post a bit? Perhaps, but I wanted to make it worthwhile, with this little poem. And I would like to share this award too, with some of my Blogger friends. But for sharing this award, as I learned it from Blooming Ideas, I have to confess seven truths about myself. And then only I can propose seven winners for the award. Though it was difficult, I tried to locate seven truths about myself. The truth then could be of two types, too: the ones that I want to disclose pu…