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Being in Love

The most difficult part in love is to confess one's love. Proposing one's love is one of the most important as well as the most difficult things in human life. The life on the other side of the unexpressed love would be as other worldly as love itself. The dream like states, the romance, the passion, every thing will be the same, because there is no loss in love. But for some one out side the experience, it may seem abnormal or insane. I found one very intriguing example during one of my surfing through the Internet. It is a piece written by Fernando Pessoa, translated by Richard Zenith. I enjoyed it very much. So I am quoting it for you. Hope you also enjoy it. 

Being in Love
I always acted on the inside . . . I never touched life . . . Whenever I began to trace an action, I finished it in my dreams, heroically . . . A sword weighs more than the idea of a sword . . . I commanded large armies, won great battles, savored huge defeats—all inside me . . . I enjoyed strolling alone …