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The Fear of Will-O'-the-Wisp.

I was not blank. But I couldn't write. For writing needs a lot of courage. I lacked it now. In Freud, I read that the lack of some things makes us go for some  other feats in life. Freud was the opener of the secret doors of the human unconscious and his comment has a direct implication on the knowledge concerning the human unconscious. My need was not to enter into the trance of unconscious creative activity, but to maintain a conscious stream of thought to support my creativity: in other words, to start writing from a conscious starting spark rather than from an "inspiration", which occurs in most of the cases as an unconscious swerve of the mind into different tracks of thinking. 
In this conscious effort my mind became actively involved in some other processes, generating a sort of fear: a fear of ending up in following a will-o'-the-wisp. Will-o'-the-wisp can be comprehended as a misleading or elusive goal or hope.
Undoubtedly, it can be generalized. Every wri…