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Contest for Paulo Coelho's iPhone application

Dear readers,  I won the first prize for the Contest for Paulo Coelho's iPhone application 
The Contest:
Write a short one or two paragraph love letter, from Santiago to Fatima.
The letter from Santiago to Fatima can take place anytime within the story of 'The Alchemist' or even after The End of the story. It's up to you.
The letter which touches my heart deepest will win the code to download Paulo Coelho's iPhone app.

The letter I wrote is given below:

I know you are nowhere here, but my eyes still search for the unseen traces you left in the air, knowing the failure in the next blink. This well gives water to everyone, but for me, it gives moments of fulfillment and agony, at a time. Everything here is for me and I transform into everything when you are here. The moment you leave, my fulfillment gets transformed into agony and my possessions into rubbles. I am Santiago, a shepherd from Andalusia, in the search of a treasure, which possessed my dreams the same…


“If you have only one smile in you give it to the people you love.”--
Maya Angelou

"Never close your eyes, For this moment may lose its charm. Your dreams may supersede the world. And the world may lose its charm."

[To be continued...]