Monday, February 22, 2010


As an individual, when I perceive the childhood of the present day, I hardly make out any change in its inherent nature. Though this statement runs contrary to the conventional laments on the loss of the innocence of childhood in the present world, this suggests the inherent nature of childhood, its needs, its dreams, its way of pursuing the unknown. These are the same, years back and now.

Childhood is often pampered with the nostalgia for one of the happiest and free periods in human life, in the common understanding. Adults and even the youngsters who are just crossing their adolescence feel the same. The common understanding since the concept of understanding and reflection is something associated with the educated middle and upper middle and higher classes, often exists within the educated lot. It is, therefore, often commented through the art, education and the electronic media of the present age, incorporating the ideas of the well-learned, well-to-do population that childhood is the most wonderful period of human life.

Time when changes, it takes life also with it and childhood is also no exception. If the childhood of the common humanity is taken, it has been influenced by the drastic changes experienced in the socio-cultural and political realm of existence.

In my case I feel happy for being grown up. And there will be lots of people who also feel the same. The causes might be different. It might be the lack of facilities and the hardships one had faced during the childhood period or might be the lack of freedom. Anyway, try to be happy where we are in our lives.

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